DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS - All domestic shipments are sent out using these different rates:

  • Standard Weight Shipping (0 to 4 Lbs) $9.95
  • Medium Weight Shipping (4.1 to 6 Lbs) $12.00
  • Heavy Weight Shipping (6.1 to 10 Lbs) $17,95
  • Extreme Weight Shipping (10.1 to 25 Lbs) $27.95

We will contact you with the additional shipping charges for shipments weighing in excess of 25 pounds.

Please note the default shipping charge that is displayed on your order form is based on shipping out an average sized carton. In all cases, we only charge a customer the actual cost to ship out your order. That means if you are ordering a small, lightweight item your shipping charge may be reduced. YOUR MAY INCUR A HIGHER SHIPPING CHARGE (REGARDLESS OF WEIGHT) ON LARGER OVER-SIZED CARTONS OR ORDERS REQUIRING MULTIPLE CARTONS. YOU WILL BE SENT A SEPARATE INVOICE FOR THESE CHARGES. YOUR ORDER WILL BE HELD UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT.

FOREIGN SHIPMENTS - All foreign shipments are sent out using US Postal Service Priority Mail International.