AK Interactive Air Series: Soviet Aircraft Colors 1941-1945 Acrylic Paint Set (8 Colors) 17ml Bottles

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With this set, the modeler will have the 8 essential colors to cover the Soviet camouflage used during the Second World War.  Includes the colors for the variants introduced in the July 1943 instructions.

 This set contains:

  • AK2241 A-14 Interior Steel Grey
  • AK2242 AMT-4 (A-24m) Green
  • AK2243 AMT-6 (A-26m) Black
  • AK2244 AMT-7 (A-28m) Light Blue
  • AK2245 AMT-11 Blue-Grey
  • AK2246 AMT-12 Dark Grey
  • AK2247 AMT-1 Light Brown
  • AK2248 A-21m Light Yellowish Brown