AK Interactive Books - Modelling Full Ahead 1: Knox & Baleares Class Book

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Modelling Full Ahead is a new series of books for naval modelers. The aim is to concentrate on a specific ship class in depth. From pictures showing all the angles of the ship to the model kits you can use and, of course, a detailed step by step on how to transform your model ship in an outstanding artwork. For this first issue Fran Romero, well-known naval modeling master, with the collaboration of the Italian modeler Luciano Rizzato, will guide us through the difficult, but exciting way of modeling a Knox/Baleares Class frigate. Follow Fran and Luciano in their journey around the Knox/Baleares Class, from standard kits to 4 outstanding models, with different levels of weathering, and learn in an easy and practical way their master modeling techniques. A book from modelers for modelers, a ‘must’ have to improve your naval modeling skills.