Takom 1/35 Skoda 42cm M1917 Heavy Siege Howitzer Gun w/Erich von Manstein Figure Kit

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WWII German Flag
In 1939, the Wehrmacht possessed two 42-cm howitzers M.16/17. Howitzers were made in 1917 at the "Skoda" Works for the Austro-Hungarian army. After 1918 they were in the Czechoslovak and Italian armies. In the Wehrmacht they were called howitzer 42 cm H. (t). The length of the barrel howitzer was 6290/15 mm / calibers.

The weight of the barrel with the wedges was 26 tons. The gun, semi Lafet box, mounted on the platform, a buried in the ground. The angle of vertical guidance from + 40 ° to + 71 °, the angle of the horizontal guidance of 360 °. The length of the rollback 670 mm. Weight mast 22.8 m, and the platform 50 tons. The weight of the entire system in firing position 105 tons. The rate of 12 shots per hour. The system carried on four carts weighing 44, 38, 40 and 40 m. The loading howitzer separate-case, four charges. In the ammunition 42 cm, Czech howitzers were concrete-shell weighing 1020 kg of mortar "Gamma" and two high-explosive shells. The howitzer operated by the 800th Artillery Battalion: one - in the 820th battery and one - in the 830-st battery. Howitzers were used in 1942 in Sevastopol.