Takom 1/35 WWI Whippet Mk A Medium Tank Kit

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The Whippet was designed to complement the existing British heavy tanks like the Mk.IV which, although well-armed and armored, were slow and ungainly. A lighter, faster tank was needed that could exploit gaps in the enemy lines that the heavy tanks had opened. The Whippet proved to be very successful in this role, despite only reaching the battlefields relatively late in the war. The Whippet continued to serve post-war, notably in Ireland, while 17 were sent to support the White army in the Russian civil war. A small number were also exported to Japan.


  • All Hatches Can Be Built in Open or Closed Position
  • Easy Assembled Workable Tracks
  • 3 Types of Markings
  • Detailed Static Display Plastic Models
  • All Wheels Are Movable
  • Steering Tail Included
  • Photo-etched Parts Included