Takom 1/35 Krupp 21cm Morser 10/16 Heavy Howitzer Gun (2 in 1) Kit

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Although technically a howitzer, the Germans referred to it as a mortar (Mörser) and it entered service with the Imperial German Army in 1915, providing a replacement for earlier guns that were lacking recoil systems. These could be devastating weapons having an effective range up to 10km and could fire 114kg (256lb) high explosive shells. They saw heavy use at Verdun and the Somme during 1916.


  • Detailed Static Display Plastic Model
  • The Gun Can Pitch and Rotate
  • Photo-etched Parts Included
  • 4 Types of Markings
  • 2 Types of Wheels Included
  • M10 Short Barrel and M16 Long Barrel Included