Takom 1/35 French AMX13/90 Light Tank Kit

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The French AMX-13-90 Light Tank (aka AMX-13/90 Light Tank) is an upgraded version of the earlier AMX-13-75 Light Tank. It retained the same hull and FL-10 oscillating turret (complete with autoloader) as the AMX-13-75 but had a new CN-90-F3 90mm main gun.

The new 90mm Main Gun featured a thermal sleeve along the barrel. This regulated the temperature of the barrel to avoid barrel distortion commonly incurred if the tank has been sitting stationary in the sun for too long.

The new 90mm main gun gave the AMX-13 a higher level of lethality over the 75mm, increasing the vehicles service life with the French Army. The AMX-13-90 entered service in 1966. It would later be upgraded with a laser range finder for improved aiming time and increased hit probability.