Takom 1/35 US T30/34 Heavy Tank Kit


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Developed at the same time and closely related to the T29, the T30 Heavy Tank was virtually identical but mounted a 155 mm gun T7 and featured a more powerful engine and an extra crew member to help load the gun. In 1945, with the war in Europe already over, the T29 and T30 were classified for "limited procurement" and a small order proposed on the basis that their large guns and heavy armor would be useful for attacking Japanese bunkers. Army Ground Forces command, however, objected to the deployment of such heavy vehicles and the war ended before the issue was resolved. As a result, only a small batch of pilot models was constructed.

The final variation of the T29 concept, the Heavy Tank T34, mounted a 120 mm gun based upon the then-current 120mm M1 anti-aircraft gun. This gun was designated as the 120 mm T53, which could achieve a maximum rate of fire of 5 rounds per minute with two loaders. With solid shot weighing 50 lb (23 kg), it had a muzzle velocity of 3,150 ft/s (960 m/s). A lightweight HVAP round with a muzzle velocity of 4,100 ft/s (1,200 m/s) was in development. In order to balance out the weight of the longer and heavier cannon, an additional 101 mm of armor was welded on the rear of the turret bustle.


  • Detailed Plastic Static Assembly Model
  • Markings For Four Different Tanks
  • Clear Parts Included
  • Metal Tow Cable Included
  • Link And Length Style Tracks Included
  • Two Types Of Gun Mantlet Included - With And Without Canvas Dust Covers
  • Track Assembly Aided By The inclusion Of A Jig