Takom 1/35 Chinese Type 59/69 Medium Tank (2 in 1) Kit

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  • Limited edition of 1500 pieces
  • 2 versions of lower hull included
  • 2 versions of turret included
  • Simplified road wheels and PE parts
  • Hatches can be fitted opened or closed
  • Detailed metal tow cable
  • Detailed external fuel line
  • Two choices of turret and lower hull parts
  • Individual tracks
  • Choice of seven markings
  • Photo-etch & clear parts included

The Chinese type 59 was developed in the 1960s as their main battle tank. It was based on the Russian T-54A tank. In 1965 the PLA redesignated it as the Type 69.

Relations between China and the West warmed in the 1980s, and China was able to import some Western technologies to improve its weapon systems. Type 69 was upgraded with Western systems such as the British Marconi FCS, and the L7 105 mm gun.