Takom 1/35 US M31 Tank Recovery Vehicle Kit

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The Vehicle, Tank Recovery T-2 was an armored tank retriever made by modification of the M-3 Lee Medium Tank chassis. The designation T-2 was later changed to M-31.

The turret of the Tank Recovery Vehicle T-2 (M31) mounts a Gar Wood power boom crane with 10,000 to 30,000 lb. capacity, depending on how supports are deployed. There is also a 30-ton winch mounted inside the hull which can operate with its cable over the boom crane or hooked directly to a load.

The M3 Lee 75mm main gun was replaced by a hatch with a dummy gun barrel attached to obscure the identity of the vehicle. The T-2 (M31) also mounted two.30 cal. M1919 machine guns.

Just over 800 of the Tank Recovery Vehicle T-2 (M31) were produced in all variants, in service through 1945. The T2 (M31) was slowly replaced by the M32 Tank Recovery Vehicle, based on the M4 Sherman tank, starting in 1944.


  • All Hatches Can Be Built in Open or Closed Position
  • Track Assembly is Aided by the Use of an Included Jig
  • Detailed Static Display Plastic Model Kit
  • Link and Length Style Tracks Included
  • Clear Parts Included
  • Figure Not Included
  • 4 Types 0f Markings Included
  • Photo-Etched Parts Included