Takom 1/35 CM11 (M48H) Brave Tiger ROC Army Main Battle Tank w/ERA (New Tool) Kit

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The CM-11 Brave Tiger was a Main Battle Tank (MBT) that was developed by the American General Dynamics and the Republic of China Army (ROCA) Armored Vehicle Development Center. It was introduced to the public on 14 April 1990, being a variant of the M48 Patton, it is also known as the M48H Main Battle Tank.

Kit has single piece lower hull, upper hull with exterior detail, separate turret, rear turret basket, jerry can, wire tow cables, hinged hatches, single piece (M68 gun barrel, M2 Browning, M240 machine gun) and detailed gun assemblies, separate storage boxes, Smoke Grenade Launchers, transparent (lights and vision ports), photoetch (rear turret basket and exterior), running gear (sprockets, idlers, road wheels, steel pins), vinyl track lengths.

Decals and painting reference for 4 tanks of R.O.C Army.