Takom 1/144 WWII Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte Tank & 2 Panzer VIII Maus Heavy Battle Tank (3) Kits


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Initial designs of the “Landkreuzer” were first presented mid-1942 by Krupp. The tank was planned to be 1000 metric tonnes, making it the heaviest tank ever built (weighing 188 tonnes). It was to be armed with naval artillery and armored with 250mm of hardened steel.

Adolf Hitler had expressed great interest in the development of the tank and was actually the one who named the project the ‘Ratte’. His enthusiasm was later quelled due to the predicted destruction of roads and bridges if it were to travel on them. Further challenges for a vehicle this size where it’s general vulnerability to enemy aircraft and artillery. The project was canceled in early 1943 with no prototype tank ever being built.