Takom 1/35 Russian AK130 130mm Automatic Naval Gun Turret Kit

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The AK-130 is a naval gun turret of Soviet origin. It was developed in the 1970's as a more capable gun turret than the earlier SM-2 as armament for destroyers and cruisers. The AK-130 is one of the few modern two-barrel gun turrets. Its single barrel performance is similar to the US 127mm Mk 45 and Italian 127mm Compatto.  The AK-130 is a massive twin-gun turret. It was developed as a single gun design at first but two guns were required to meet the desired rate of fire. The 130mm guns have been derived from the 130mm M-46 towed artillery piece.  The water-cooled guns are mounted side by side in a massive unmanned turret with an automatic loader. The ammunition is stored below deck. The MR-184 fire control radar and optronic guidance package can control up to two AK-130 turrets.

The AK-130 fires 130mm shells that have been derived from the towed 130mm M-46 howitzer. The maximum range is 23 km against surface targets and 15 km versus aircraft. The rate of fire is 10 to 35 rpm per barrel, which results in a maximum of 70 rpm per gun mount. A total of 150 to 180 rounds are stored in the magazine below deck. Sovremenny class destroyers carry a total of 500 rounds in the loading system and stored in other locations.

Ships with AK-130:
  • Slava-class cruiser (Project 1164)
  • Kirov-class battlecruiser (Project 1144)
  • Sovremenny-class destroyer (Project 956)
  • Udaloy II-class destroyer (Project 1155.1)

Kit Features:

  • Swivelling, elevatable guns
  • Photo-Etch & Clear parts included
  • Two marking choices inside the box