Takom 1/35 WWI Mk I Male Heavy Battle Tank w/Crane & Flat Trailer (2 in 1) Kit


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After the war on the western front descended into trench bound stalemate, the British Army realized they'd need some way of breaking through the enemy lines and opening gaps for the infantry. The Landships Committee was set up in 1915 to find a solution and, after tests with the prototype 'Little Willie', the first production Mk.I's made it to the front lines in time for the Somme Offensive in September 1916.

During its development, it acquired the name “Tank” as a security measure to hide its true purpose. The Mk.I's had a fairly short operational life before they were replaced by the Mk.IV's which, although visually similar, incorporated several design improvements which made them a more effective weapon on the battlefield.


  • 2 In 1 Kit
  • Workable tracks
  • Hatches can be built open or closed
  • PE set
  • Markings for 3 vehicles