Takom 1/35 US Army 1/4-Ton Armored Willys Jeep Kit

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The US Army used the "Jeep" in a seemingly limitless number of types and sub-types during WWII. One of the more popular versions was the lightly armored and armed jeeps of the cavalry and recon units, boasting anything from a .30cal to twin bazookas and in the case of our subject here a .50calibre machine gun.

In reconnaissance operations, the Jeep proved speed but it was unprotected and vulnerable to the concentrated enemy fire. This led to field adaptation of armored plates added to the Jeeps and, after some time, formulated and officialized as the “1/4 ton 4×4 armored truck” or the Armored Willys MB. 

This variant of the Jeep was an attempt by the army to set regulations of field modifications, consisting of adding three plates (actually a single plate folded in three) 5/16 steel plate added as armor protecting the front and sides of the driver compartment, with two small sight openings. The front plate replaced the windshield. The protection was sufficient against small arms fire. They saw action on the Battle of the Bulge (Belgium).

Armored Willys MB Jeep with .50 Caliber Medium Machine Gun

The armored Jeep was a variation designed by troops in the field to add a little protection while on patrol. These were used notably in 1944/5 in Holland and Belgium by the 82nd Airborne in fast recon during Operation Market Garden and the Ardennes Offensive.

In the kit released this time, the Armored Truck is added to the cabin and the front side of the vehicle.

  • Etching, clear parts included
  • 4 marking choices included by AMMO
  • M2 heavy machine gun included